Cakespartynft is launching 2222 3D nft cakes collection with a unique hand drawn attributes living on the Ethereum blockchain. We will connect the cake food chain in web3 and will give various utilities in which airdrop of nfts, staking, tokenomics, alphas, web3 tools, events and ordering cake in real world through tokenomics staking.

Phase 1 - Getting Ready For Party

Building Community Strong Community through launching Twitter, Discord and Website. This is the time for Strategic Marketing, Collaborations and Partnerships. Regular Giveaways for the party members in the discord

Phase 2 - Party Avenue

Mint cakespartynft through presale and public in the community Instant NFT reveal and Snapshot for Airdrop of Cupcakes after sold out. Initializing of utilities for exclusive party members

Phase 3

NFT Staking for earning $PARTY coins. Brand launch of Cakespartynft in web3 blockchain for online food ordering system. Collaborations and Partnership with brands and retailers to get them on board with our brand.

Phase 4

Our online food ordering chain will be launched for public Start taking first order of free cake from the exclusive party members Airdrop of Cupcakes to the party members.

Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to build an web3 community under one hood where Web3, NFT Enthusiast, Exclusive project holders, creators can come across in a unique environment to establish a good relation with each other and other than that we want to make a strong community where we will provide exclusive benefits and utilities to our NFT Holders.


Beside a part of our vision our main mission is to build an ecosystem where we will make a bridge between web2 and web3 and connect the online food chain ordering system from blockchain to real World.

We will encourage entrepreneurs, retailers and our holders to get on board with us to grow their business through our Platform. We will help them to grow their business in web 3 space through our own unique strategy and we will use our all resources and marketing tactics which we have learned in E commerce and Marketing tactics of E commerce products. Our aim is for long-term in web 3 space in which we will register our brand in various region around the globe to recognize our company so that we can work globally with various brands under our platform. We will provide our all services free of cost to our holders and the revenue which will be generated will equally divided among our holders as a dividend as they are considered to be a initial investor of our project.


We will launch our tokens $party on blockchain and we will list it initially on dex exchanges after that on big decentralized exchanges. Our token will be used in various utilities in which one of the unique utility will be ordering cakes through our token nomics. Our detailed white paper will be released once our staking will be lived. In the start our tokens only can be used for ordering cakes but in future it will have monetary value once it start trading on exchanges staking. You can use our cakespartynft and cupcakenft for staking and will be rewarded with our tokens staking will be flexible for our holders so that they can easily stake and unstake at any time. By staking Nft you will be rewarded by 4 tokens on every 12 hours period of time.


Staking reward will be claimable under a threshold of 40 tokens.


We will airdrop 100 tokens to all Nft holders who hold Nft till reveal date we will announce the snapshot on our official Twitter page.


We will airdrop 777 cup cakes to unique Nft holders which will have equal worth to our original collection and this cupcakes are tradable and will be used for staking. Cup cake holder will enjoy all the utilities which our original Nft holder are getting from us.


We will do partnership and collaboration with various brand and local retailers to get them on board with us under our platform. where they can promote their own products to our web community.Our community can order their products through our token and will enjoy some more discounts through our collaboration partners. This is not a full version of raodmap we will released full roadmap and whitepaper of tokenomics and we will reveal our own brand and collaboration partnership just after the mint of nfts so stay tune with us.

Lets Move Forward Towards Party Avenue


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