Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cakes Party?

Cakes Party is a 3D NFT project which is launching on Ethereum blockchain.
Each Art is hand drawn which posses a unique attributes on blockchain.

What is the supply for Cakes Party?


When is the official launch for Cakes Party?

1 December

What is the mint price for Cakes Party?

0.03 Eth

Team behind Cakes Party?

Our team is based on highly experienced, passionate and energetic team members.

What is Cakes Party Vision?

Our Vision is to build an web3 community under one hood where Web3, NFT Enthusiast, Exclusive project holders, creators can come across in a unique environment to establish a good relation with each other and other than that we want to make a strong community where we will provide exclusive benefits and utilities to our NFT Holders.

What is Cakes Party Mission?

Our main mission is to build an ecosystem where we will make a bridge between web2 and web3 and connect the online food chain ordering system from blockchain to real World.

Whats the benefits of holding nfts?

We will provide various utilities in which Airdrop of exclusive 777 cupcakes to holders, Staking, Tokenomics, alpha calls, giveaway of Whitelist, exclusive events, web3 tools and share in Royalties through Airdrop.

What is the future of Cakes Party?

Beside roadmap and utilities our main focus is to derive the online food ordering chain system on blockchain through Crypto and our Tokenomics. We also want gather retailers on our platform to grow thier business on our platform and hopefully in future we will launch our own brand and grow our business all around the globe through franchise and distributions system.

Want to know more details?

If you need more details about the project then follow us on twitter and join discord


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