BAZEM (Founder)
  • My name is Bazem and I'm an innovator, Web3 Investor, Crypto Analyst and Entrepreneur of Startups Businesses.I have more than 5 year experience with Ecommrce businesses and online order fulfillment restaurants and 3 year experience in Crypto market.
    I have worked on many platforms with a wide exposure and I have some startup businesses as well. My enthusiasm brought me here to make a unique thing with a challenge so I dive in directly in the NFT space
    Doing Challenging tasks with my analytical skills was inside me. I had bring an innovative and creative idea in web3 space which was going to be deliver soon with my experience and skills and I'm going to be pioneer and a trend maker in this market that brings a constructive development in web3 space in which I'll connect online food ordering system in blockchain where people can order through our coins and other crypto currency.

  • My name is Charles Rickford and I'm an Innovator, Web3.0 analyst, NFT Enthusiast and Gamer. I have worked with many projects to analyze the web3 space and the community demand and I know what community wants from the project thats why I'm bringing something new for NFT Believers Innovations and gaming have always been my first love. Ever since my childhood, I've always loved gaming and innovating new ideas and products that brings a creative perspective development with wide exposure of nft space and gaming experience. Over timer I'll develop a dynamic environment for NFT Believers in Cakes Party where community is benefited by our utilities

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